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Type:DJ255, Conquest Century New Drophead Coupé, three seater
Engine:6 cylinder Century MK II, 2433cc, 100bhp, aluminum cylinderhead, two SU carburettors
Read odometer:
Color:Original very light blue
Interior:Dark blue leather with white piping
Price:€ 35.000,-

BARNFIND: Very, very, very rare car. There are only 11 Daimler Conquest New Drophead Coupé left hand driven cars built. At this moment there are only 3 cars known to exist worldwide according to Mr. Dennis Mynard and Mr. Harold Wilson. These two authors wrote a book on the Daimler Conquest Roadster and New DHC cars. This particular car was once owned by the Parisian artist Mr. Guy Prout Diaz. Original the car was dispatched on the 22nd of November 1956 to Daimler SARL, France. Just a few months ago discovered in a barn in a small village just south of Paris. The picture of the car is an archive picture of the car supplied by the formentioned authors. At the moment the car is a project car, a very solid base to start restoration. Please contact me for further details and pictures. BARNFIND, unrestored. Original Left hand drive car. This particular Daimler was manufactured at 11th of October 1956 and dispatched on 22nd of November 1956 to her original distributor: Daimler SARL, France. Car has spent all her life in France till a few weeks ago the car was discovered in a barn a little bit South of Paris. Car was delivered in Pale Blue with dark blue interior and a darl blue top. Car was original fitted with the 102hp Century engine and Pre-Select gearbox. This Daimler was also equipped with the very unusual third seat. In four years time there are only 119 Daimler Conquest Roadsters and Dropheads made; an average of 30 per year. Of which only 54 New Dropheads RHD and LHD together. They all were built on special order only. Car has an automatically chassis lubrication system which oils 21 points. Car has an all aluminum body and was lighter than an XK120, however she had 102 bhp.