Type:6c2500 Sport Freccia d'Oro
Engine:6 cylinder, 2442cc, 90hp
Transmission:4 speed manual
Read odometer:
Color:Dark red
Interior:Brown cloth

This Alfa-Romeo was sold new in the South of Italy in the town Lecce to Mr Frnacesco Giorgino. Than the car spent a long time in the South of France. In the winter of 1999 the car was bought in Germany by Mr. Luc Colemont from Antwerp Belgium. During his ownership the car was regurlary use for family outings and large rallies. Mr Colemont is the author of the book: “Alfa Romeo, Freccia d’Oro”. Wrote this book in about 10 years time. He found 62 cars of this particurlary type of Alfa-Romeo world wide. In 2009 Mr Colemont sold the car to his friend Mr. Ad Branderhorst in The Netherlands. Mr Branderhorst had the car in his posession until 2016. In this time Mr Branderhorst spent a huge amount of money to maintain and improve the car. All bills are available. after a short stay in a Dutch museum, I bought the car in the summer of 2018. I enjoyed the car very much and used her for family outings and several small rallies. This particulary Alfa Romeo is the fift last produced Freccia d’Oro.

This “Freccia” is mechanically in very good running condition and can directly be used for rallies and tours. Paintwork is old which gives her a very nice patina. Car is matching numbers.