Type:Special Sports 2 seater
Engine:4 cylinder, 1892cc, 75hp, 2 SU carburettors, enlightened flywheel of 7kg; Standard 65hp, a single horizontal SU carburettor with a flywheel of 21kg.
Transmission:4 speed manual
Read odometer:59.542 mls
Color:Westminster Blue
Interior:Black leather

The company T.G. John Ltd was established in 1919 in Coventry, Warwickshire Great Britain.In 1921 the name was changed in Alvis Car &Engineering Co Ltd and later on in 1937 the name changed again into Alvis Ltd; but still based in Coventry. From the beginnings, the name of Alvis connoted high quality, long life and better-than average performance. The first Alvis was developed by T.G. John and G.P.H. de Freville. Both had wide experience in developing cars by former emplyers Siddelley-Deasy and D.F.P. They had developed aluminium pistons bearing the name Alvis for them. In 1938 the 12/70hp engine replaced the old Firebird engine. This engine was a design of Geaorge Lancastr and had a 80mph performance. In 1946 the Alvis TA 14 was introduced, this car was a direct descendant of the 12/70hp. The price of a standard TA14 including tax in 1948 was 1.276,- GBP. This particular Alvis was completed in Coventry on the 4th of March 1948 as dilevered as a chassis without body to Messrs. Central Motors Ltd., Bailey Lane, Sheffield, UK. The chassis is believed to have carried a body by “Duncan”. On the 20th of October 1993 the car was bought by John Brough, Woodnesborough, Sandwich UK and was registered at that time as a 2 axle rigid sports body in the color grey. In 1995 Mr. Brough sold the car to Mr. Norman in Romsey UK. This Mr Norman offered the car in 1999 on the autojumble in Beaulieu for sale. The car was a bought by her first Dutch owner with her current body but rather unfinished. Mr Trevor Hirst from Christenchurch did finish the bodywork. The car was shipped to The Netherlands. In Holland all the mechnaics have been overhauled from the front to the back. Complete engine overhaul, complete new wiring etc. etc. Name it and it has been done. A very extensive file of invoices confirm all the work that have been on this car. Since restoration and overhaul this Alvis has covered thausands and thausands trouble free miles throughout Europe, and is still in fresh shape to continue to do so.