Type:235 MS
Engine:6 cylinder, 3500cc,
Transmission:Cotal electrical gearbox
Read odometer:62.600 km
Interior:Cognac coloured leather.
License:Carte Grise Francaise

The Delahaye 235 was produced from October 1951 till May 1954. There are only 83 Delahaye type 235 built. All these cars did have a coach built body, so no factory bodies where built. This makes that every Delahaye 235 is an unique car. The chassis of the 235 was in fact an upgraded chassis of the type 135. The engine of the 235 was more powerfull than the standard 135, it has 3 carburettors and a different cylinderhead; which increased the engine output from 130 to 152hp. Therefore the 235 had a really good performance with a topspeed of 182km an depeding the body. This particular Delahaye is bodied by one of the most prestigeous coachbuilders in France: Henri Chapron. This Delahaye was produced in 1952. The French Carte Grise is still with the car and the last French owner registered on his name in 1992. The car was use in the 84 district: Vaucluse.