Type:845 Boattail roadster by Bohmann & Schwarz
Engine:Super Eight, 8 cylinder, 6310cc, 120 hp
Transmission:3 speed manual
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Bohman & Schwarz coachbuilders was founded by Christian Bohman (born Sweden 1892) and Maurice Schwartz (born in Austria 1884).  In 1930 these two friends joined each other and  started the Bohman & Schwartz coachbuilders company.  When the coachbuilder Murphy (known for many Duesenburg bodies) closed down;  these friends bought some equipment and unfinished contracts at auction.  So the company made many bodies on  American prestigues makes.  They made many first mountings on customers demands on new chassis,  but they also made many rebodies in the thirties. Among there clients ware many celebrities, e.g. Clark Gable, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, movie director Roy del Ruth and Rust Heinz. Bohman & Schwartz also built a number of cars special for the film industry.  In 1947 Bohman and Schwarz seperated.  Christian Bohman started a new company with his son Lawrence. Maurice Schwartz continued building special bodies until he died in 1961.